At Zillow Group: A Culture of Collaboration

On The Cusp of Explosive Growth

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In May of 2014, Zillow Group contacted SoDo Consulting to present Insights Discovery as a potential offering that would help enhance collaboration and teamwork within their high growth environment — to 25 members of their executive team. As a rapidly growing company, Zillow Group wanted to create an intentional corporate culture focused on understanding and collaboration. They needed a tool like Insights Discovery to help them adjust to the different learning and communication styles that come with a larger network of employees. After rave reviews from the executives, Zillow Group asked SoDo to roll out Insights Discovery throughout the organization.

Evolving Solutions To Match The Changing Organization

evolving with the organization

SoDo was then asked to create a fully customized Management Development program in partnership with Zillow Group’sLearning & Development team to equip their 200+ managers across the US. Insights, along with Situational Leadership II, became a core part of the offering. SoDo traveled to every Zillow Group office including Denver, New York City, Omaha, San Francisco, Seattle and Irvine over a six-month period to bring the managers and leaders their customized three-part program. This created incredible momentum around Insights, so the decision was made to offer it to every team member. The company was rapidly growing, so Insights was rolled out in intact teams and then integrated into their onboarding curriculum. Fast forward, four years later, over 4000 Zillow Group team members have experienced Insights. Now, Zillow Group has their own in-house Insights and Situational Leadership training team, with SoDo offering continued support.

SoDo’s success with Zillow Group can be attributed not only to their versatility in adapting programs to match company culture, but also their ability to adjust to different leadership styles, tailoring their message and tone to communicate most effectively. SoDo is skilled at working with both the executives and in conjunction with human resource departments to study, develop and roll out comprehensive development programs.

“Amy’s deep technical experience in human resources — and her years of experience working at Microsoft during their rapid growth — translates into a unique ability to quickly see what will work and what won’t work in the fast-paced environment of a technology corporation.” ~ Corina Kolbe, Sr Director, Learning and Development, Zillow Group

SoDo and Zillow Group’s partnership will continue to adapt and expand, creating a fluid network of communication.