Employee Professional Development

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Professional development is key to a company’s success and the continued growth of its employees. SoDo Consulting  professional development programs address the unique needs of your team members, the competitive landscape you face, and the internal culture of the company. We then help you create a customized plan for developing your team members.


Our employee professional development programs & TOOLS

Professional Development
Dealing with conflict
Discovering values and purpose
Insights® Sales Effectiveness tool
Interviewing skills
Navigating your career
Personal Branding 360º
Presentation skills
Success through innovation

Team Development
Communication and collaboration
Insights Discovery Full Circle (Team 360) tool
Insights Team Effectiveness tool
Organizational Understanding
Crucial Conversations

Diversity & Inclusion
Insights Discovery tool
Unconscious Bias training

Managerial Capability
Adaptive leadership
DISC model personality tool
Gallup CliftonStrengths® tool
Insights® Deeper Discovery tool
Insights Discovery tool
Insights Transformational Leadership
Leadership growth
Leading and managing change
Leadership Circle® 360° Profile tool
Ken Blanchard Company® Management Essentials tool
Ken Blanchard Company Self Leadership tool
Ken Blanchard Company Situational Leadership II tool
MBTI®: Myers Briggs Type Indicator tool
Power of Positive Feedback
Strategic Success


Developing your employees means you are planning for your organization's future.

According to The Pew Research Center, 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day.  Developing the skills of existing employees is critical to ensure long term organization growth.


Continuous skills development is the key to individual & organizational growth.

“I had the opportunity to work with SoDo Consulting on the Microsoft-wide High Potential development strategy. Amy was a very valued colleague and partner. Amy exhibited a laser focus on client and business needs. She was always outcome-oriented versus process-oriented; she was pragmatic, a strong practitioner with a strong intellectual foundation and a clear thinker. In terms of our partnership, Amy was courageous, a straight-talker, and had a no-nonsense approach. If I had the opportunity again, I would work with SoDo in a heartbeat! “
— Edmundo Hoffens, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, at Sabadell United Bank
Katie did an amazing job walking me through my profile. It was fascinating and she did a stellar job!
— LinkedIn
Jean was incredible! She has such high energy, always positive and delivering real impact.
— LinkedIn Team Member