Coaching Programs

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Whether you’re supporting an established company or a new manager or leader just starting out, everybody needs help. Coaches act as an external, objective individual, whose sole role is to dedicate themselves to your growth and success. Coaches can guide you through issues such as identifying blind spots and tackling potential roadblocks. Because our team of certified and master coaches have years of experience working with a variety of top-tier organizations in many industries, they come with a tool set no single leader could possess.

As part of their commitment to helping leaders succeed, our coaches participate in continual professional development in their field, staying current with best practices as well as the latest research. Our coaching clients range from businesses with just a few employees to large Fortune 500 companies. Whatever your needs, SoDo Consulting focuses on the coaching so you can focus on your business.

Clients can choose from 3 coaching programs:

  • Micro-coaching: one to three sessions targeted toward specific problem solving.

  • 6-month engagement: for addressing longer-term goals such as preparing for promotion or onboarding at a new company. This option is also well-suited for senior-level managers seeking the objective support of an external coach.

  • 12-month engagement: for leaders who would find benefit from a consistent and predictable partnership and availability to tackle ongoing challenges and opportunities.


Plan for growth with SoDo Consulting's Coaching Programs.

Coaching Benefits

Coaching, when done correctly, provides a full spectrum of benefits.  As described by this great article on Executive Coaching from Forbes Magazine, Coaching builds aptitude in six critical areas:

  1. Seeing yourself more clearly

  2. Understanding others better

  3. Fostering productive relationships

  4. Building on your existing strengths

  5. Developing personalized strategies

  6. Setting a course to achieve your goals

Amy is not only a solid consultant and communicator, she is a terrific coach. She’s participated with us at SeattleCoach for the past year and impressed all of us with her grace, intuition and forthrightness. Hire this woman!”
— Patricia Burgin, MA, Master Certified Coach, SeattleCoach: Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Change Management and Certified Coach Training
Thank you Kim! This was very beneficial and I thought you did a great job!
— Zillow Group