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The performance of a team can create great success or guarantee failure. Success hinges on harnessing a team’s talent, understanding a team’s direction, and uniting a team in a common purpose. At SoDo Consulting, we always keep an eye on what our clients are looking to achieve. What are the dynamics of your team? What does long-term success look like to you? What structure are you bringing to the table? What metrics do you use to measure success?

Based on the answers to those questions, we present options for our clients to consider. Then we do a deep dive on the problem space. What is the leader dealing with and what opportunity are they trying to maximize? Our facilitators bring skill and intuition developed through decades of collective experience, which enables them to listen for unintentional biases and uncover potential pitfalls.

SoDo Consulting knows how to get the most from teams.  Our suite of approaches and tools include:

  • Customized offsite design, tailored to support your individual needs and specific desired outcome.

  • Programmatic solutions, such as Insights, Crucial Conversations, or Change Management, and Outdoor experiential team building.


Our Team Effectiveness Offerings

  • Crucial Conversations®

  • Envisia Learning 360° Assessments

  • First Time Managers

  • i4 Neuroleader Assessment

  • Insights® Discovery

  • Insights Full Circle (Team 360°)

  • Insights Team Effectiveness

  • Insights Sales Effectiveness

  • MBTI®: Myers Briggs Type Indicator

  • Organization Workshop from Power + Systems

  • 360° Reach™ Personal Branding

  • Situational Leadership® II: Blanchard

  • Self Leadership: Blanchard

  • Gallup CliftonStrengths®

  • Unconscious Bias for Managers and Employees

  • Change Management

  • Change Leadership


Create Connection

With our Personal Homepage team building activity, SoDo Consulting allows team members to see each other in a different light and connect on a deeper level. Participants share significant events, pivotal moments and personal values. In doing so, they tell their story, which builds trust, creates connection, and fosters self-understanding. Listen to SoDo founder Amy Brown describe this transformational process on an episode of The Career Cue's podcast.


Take a step towards building greater team effectiveness.

Kelli and Elizabeth were simply outstanding in the way they got the team to work through hands on examples, build empathy and lead them out of their comfort zone into the world of management and leadership, I frankly have never seen a course such as this lead and delivered to this world class standard as I experienced this past week.
— Pure Storage
We want Linda back for sure! Her direct and engaging style was perfect for our group!
— Collibra Team Member
Hi Brooke, thanks for the session today! It was awesome, I know the team and I really enjoyed (and learned) from it.
— Optimizely Team Member